Artist Statement

What kind of surprises and contradictions can be discovered through the investigation of spaces between artifice and truth, imagination and the real, mimesis and the origin? We live in unstable times. Riotous colors and images blink and pulsate as we scroll to navigate various screens and environments. Photography and image culture today is an overpopulated and shifting landscape. My artistic investigations live within a chaotic framework where the very identity of a photograph is in question; the perceived truth of the medium is interrogated. My photographs are a contemporary and feminist take on the traditional concept of the still-life. I’m exploring what the genre reveals during a time when image inundation and simulacra are ubiquitous; in today’s age of late capitalism/capitalocene. I consider my work to be less about taking a photograph and more about constructing or making a picture. I imagine the frame of the photograph as no longer a window into reality, but instead a way to rearrange reality, mess it up, alter it. I construct photographs that subvert social “norms” by staging visceral, messy, and often chaotic temporary sculptures and precarious situations. By weaving together both unpleasant textures, gaudy colors, and prosaic objects (such as rotten bananas, oozing slime, or cough syrup) with objects or images that have a seductive and/or ‘feminine’ quality to them, such as flowers, ripe fruits, or lipstick, I am exploring spaces that historically make up social constructs and norms for women, such as physical attractiveness and politeness.